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“Before we disappear….” This is Chris Cornell

I feel saddened by the loss of yet another incredibly talented human being. Living and dying are part of the process sure. But when its unexpected, sudden…….well we don’t know what happened, but does it matter? What I do know … Continue reading “Before we disappear….” This is Chris Cornell

Breaks in writing 

So I went on a writing bender and welll… I’m burnt…..out…..stuck…..writers block. Whatever. I’ve found that these stumbling blocks aren’t actually about my writing process but the interruptions in the flow. Let me explain. I’m chugging alone, the stuff is flowing through me like BUTTAH…..then it happens. I get stressed over something, someone dumps their problems on my door and or I’m off in another direct and the flow just slows to a trickle. Life happens. Oh I could go way off the grid, isolate my self, realign my chi and get at it. But is that good, healthy, stable? … Continue reading Breaks in writing 


where do you find your inspiration? Do you seek it out or does it come to you? Mine comes to me. I can be sitting watching the FoodNetwork and I’ll feel it. Not the overwhelming urge to eat….come on! But the urge to……create. It’s strange how it evolves. It’s hard to explain……I feel light and bright and open. It flows through me like butter (damn the FoodNetwork). The key is being open to it no matter where it hits you. Take time to immerse yourself in the feeling and go with it.  Continue reading Inspiration 

Truth in myself…

I’ve been reminded today to stay true to me. My focus must be on the original in me in everything I do. In writing it’s quite easy to build on that which influences us. But it’s these times that it’s imperative to hold on tightly to our own truth with a fierceness that pays homage to the originality of who I am. The end result must be me from foundation to the finish. Continue reading Truth in myself…

Stranger in the night with the light….

once a year I don my “redneck” hat and spend the weekend with friends camping at Bristol Motorspeedway. We do this every year and are season ticket holders to the “fastest half mile” in NASCAR racing. It’s a weekend of beer and meeting people from all over. On one side of us are “newbies” (this is their first race) from Florida and on the other side is a group from Canada. My friend and I were heading back to our campsite from the showers and had forgotten our flash light. A young man in his early 20s happen to be … Continue reading Stranger in the night with the light….