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“Before we disappear….” This is Chris Cornell

I feel saddened by the loss of yet another incredibly talented human being. Living and dying are part of the process sure. But when its unexpected, sudden…….well we don’t know what happened, but does it matter? What I do know … Continue reading “Before we disappear….” This is Chris Cornell


where do you find your inspiration? Do you seek it out or does it come to you? Mine comes to me. I can be sitting watching the FoodNetwork and I’ll feel it. Not the overwhelming urge to eat….come on! But the urge to……create. It’s strange how it evolves. It’s hard to explain……I feel light and bright and open. It flows through me like butter (damn the FoodNetwork). The key is being open to it no matter where it hits you. Take time to immerse yourself in the feeling and go with it.  Continue reading Inspiration 

Dreams…the window to your soul?

I have been dreaming vividly the last few nights. Is something reaching out to me, showing me something? Sometimes in our dream state we get distracted by the dream instead of focusing on where and to what the dream is pointing us to or toward. How can you relax your mind in sleep to accept the message? To “see” the underlying message? It’s tough to do but it’s doable……isn’t it? 😴 Continue reading Dreams…the window to your soul?

To you…

Hey…it’s been a while. I’ve missed you… But you know this. I know you’re there “with me” some days. Others you’re so far away it hurts. I walked away not understanding, not knowing truly how you felt about me. Why is that? Why didn’t you stop me? You blame me, saying I disappeared and never called. You didn’t call me either. You never looked for me yet you criticize me for not looking for you. I did find you that one time…remember? You blamed me then too because you were promised to another and wanted to see it through.  So … Continue reading To you…

Intuition vs. Premonition

Having an interesting day today. I keep trying to get to writing today and something just keeps me away from my laptop. What is that? Every-time I go near my iMac or my Macbook I get this weird feeling and I can’t do it. LOL I have been thinking about my story-line/plot and I am at an intersection in my story and I need to take it in a certain direction and working on the segue. After a couple of hours of doing U-turns in my living room, I have decided to put it out of my mind for now … Continue reading Intuition vs. Premonition