The Mind is a beautiful thing to waste….

The mind is amazing. I mean think about it….um well no pun intended. What you can over come by tapping into it. Let me give you an example; I had some issues with my hearing and the doctor wanted to do an MRI to rule out anything scary. That in and if itself is incredibly scary! So I had my MRI this morning. Now I’m not normally an overly claustrophobic person. I was ok when they put the “cage” over my head and I was even okay heading into the tub. I mean how algae in do I need to go…….well too far. I panicked for a quick second and immediately went into fight or flight mode!!! But I closed my eyes, focused on my breathing and forced myself to go to somewhere I felt safe. Immediately that feel my left. I’m an unpublished writer (only because I’ve not taken that leap off the cliff….I will tho back off) and I began recreating a scene I’ve been struggling to make fit. Before I knew it I was being pulled out of the tube. My mind protected me and opened up its creative center to keep me feeling safe. 

Don’t waste your mind on negativity, open it to accepting beautiful plays that you can go when the real world gets a bit much!!! You never know, your next novel, money making idea may be there waiting to be unleashed! 

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