“Before we disappear….” This is Chris Cornell

I feel saddened by the loss of yet another incredibly talented human being. Living and dying are part of the process sure. But when its unexpected, sudden…….well we don’t know what happened, but does it matter? What I do know is how this makes me feel. I wasn’t introduced to what I call “REAL” music till I was introduced to this man and SOUNDGARDEN. I’ll admit to being”naive” if you will, to the world of music, until I experienced something I can’t even begin to describe to anyone who will get it! Unless of course you are as connected to the creative mind, heart and soul as I have become. There are parts of us that, as we go through the motion of living, that we never tap in to. In each of our human souls I believe is some form of creativity. Whether its painting, acting, writing, singing, whatever, it speaks to your heart and soul, its there. You just have to walk through the fear to get to it. It’s there!! Tap into it, share it, roll around in it, revel in it. Time is so damned short! We never know when it is our time. Leave your mark on the world like Chris did!


Before we disappear-Chris Cornell

Time ain’t nothing if it ain’t fast
Taking everything that you ever had
And giving nothing in return
But a cold bed in a quiet earth

If there’s a door to every cell
A pearl inside of every shell then

How hard can it be
To share your love with me?
How hard can it be
To rise with me each morning?
I know that it feels like
We will live forever
But I fear
That time will hide the years

Life ain’t nothing if it ain’t hard
It’ll show you who you truly are
Knock you down when you get too tall
Till you’re spun around in a free fall

But somewhere out there past the storm
Lies the shelter of your heart

RIP sweet man. Your words live on!

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