Stranger in the night with the light….

once a year I don my “redneck” hat and spend the weekend with friends camping at Bristol Motorspeedway. We do this every year and are season ticket holders to the “fastest half mile” in NASCAR racing. It’s a weekend of beer and meeting people from all over. On one side of us are “newbies” (this is their first race) from Florida and on the other side is a group from Canada. My friend and I were heading back to our campsite from the showers and had forgotten our flash light. A young man in his early 20s happen to be walking by and heard us commenting we couldn’t see very well. He stopped and using the light on his phone guided us on to even ground. We thanked him and he went on his way. I remember thinking that if I were at home in California that young man wouldn’t have been so gentlemanly. Don’t get me wrong there are gentlemen at home, but it’s so much more ‘a way of life’ in the south. Maybe I’m stereotyping and it’s not intentional but it just touched me that a stranger and one from a generation that is known for being selfish stopped to help two old ladies cross the road. His actions were tantamount to laying his coat over a puddle as the gentlemen did back in times before any of us existed. Every time I think the world had gone mad and it’s eat or get ate….someone comes along to show me there are still good, caring people in the world. Thank you stranger’s parents for teaching him manners and respect for others. Thank you stranger in the night with the light. 

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