To you…

Hey…it’s been a while. I’ve missed you… But you know this. I know you’re there “with me” some days. Others you’re so far away it hurts. I walked away not understanding, not knowing truly how you felt about me. Why is that? Why didn’t you stop me? You blame me, saying I disappeared and never called. You didn’t call me either. You never looked for me yet you criticize me for not looking for you. I did find you that one time…remember? You blamed me then too because you were promised to another and wanted to see it through. 

So why now? Why now still attached to her do you tell me the way you feel? That you love me but you’re happy and if this and if that. It’s not fair to expect to claim what you never held dear, what you never thought precious, what you never had. 

I’ll love you forever….good bye.

I Remember You

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